Hello! Welcome to your Proofing & Ordering Gallery.

What to know:
  • It is lawful to give "Heather Photographers" credit for every photo you share on over the Internet. You can right-click and save the web-sized image with watermark or caption the photo with "Photo Credit: Heather Photographers".
  • Make sure to save your images to your computer (preferably on 2 different drives) before the gallery expires to avoid image loss and/or additional fees. Heather doesn't store your images for more than 1 year.
  • Printing is done by a professional lab. The prices reflected are wholesale. Click "Buy" to check out all the awesome products and prints offered.
  • As you go through your proofs and stumble upon one you LOVE, click "add to favorites." This will help us narrow it down when it comes to making any custom orders, especially an album or book.
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This gallery will be available through November 15, 2017. Remind me again later